Monday, May 16, 2011

Dorm Room Gourmet

If for any reason you ever find yourself needing to make some fancy pants hor d'ouvres in your dorm room (unlikely...), I've got just the solution for you! I was feeling extra crafty the other day and I had just done a big Whole Foods haul so I decided to try and find a way to use up the avocado and tomatoes that I had bought. This is what I came up with...
The tomato-avocado-cheese cracker stacker! (really, Julie... you couldn't think of a better name?) Ok, so I realize that this might not exactly be everyday-snack material, BUT it was fun to make and it is really good for you. Plus it tastes good, and your friends will be very impressed (or weirded out by the fact that you actually took time to do this, but let's just go with the impressed reaction).

Ingredients Needed:
-1/2 Avocado
-1 Roma tomato (or whatever kind of tomato you can get your hands on)
-A small loaf of cheese (I used the 305 Whole Foods brand Sharp Cheddar)
-Gluten Free crackers of your choice (I used Back to Nature Multi-Seed Rice Crackers)
-BONUS INGREDIENT!- Hummus. (I used Blue Moose of Boulder black bean hummus)

How To:

-Start by laying out what you need, and use whatever sharp object you have (in my case, I used a dull $1 butter knife from Target) to cut up your avocado, tomato and cheese into slices. Tip: for the tomatoes, pierce into the tomato with the tip of the sharp object and just cut across by stabbing the tip along. This will keep tomato guts to a minimum.
For the avocado, start by cutting the whole thing in half hotdog ways (who else remembers referring to folding paper in hamburger/hotdog lingo?) Remove the pit, and slice from top to bottom horizontally so that you get nice "C" shaped avocado slices that fit onto a small cracker.

-Now comes the easy part. Simply take a cracker, slather on some hummus, place a slice of cheese on top of that, then layer the avocado and tomato (this part may take some maneuvering seeing as the tomato and avocado might try to push each other off of the top of the cracker. Manipulate them as much as needed to make them just get along and share the space).
And there you have it! So fancy you just might have to dress up for the occasion of eating them.

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