Saturday, September 10, 2011

HALFPOPS: Less Fluff, More Flavor

          When I first received my rather tantalizing box of Halfpops, I had no idea what to expect. Well,

actually what I expected was something along the line of flavored popcorn. What I didn't know was

that Halfpops are actually exactly what the name sounds like: popcorn popped halfway so that the

flavor of the corn is contained in one crunchy bite. It's basically the best part of a bowl of popcorn

contained in a (very well designed)  bag. You know, the bottom where all of the super crunchy

not-all-the-way popped bits have been hiding. Yum.

            Halfpops are air-popped locally about 10 miles away from my hometown in the Seattle,

Washington area. These tasty little kernels are gluten free, nut free, contain zero trans fat, no corn syrup,

no artificial flavors, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives, and as put by the company- no negativity. I

praise these guys for coming up with the ingenious idea of popping popcorn only halfway so as to get

some serious flavor packed into one kernel without getting lost in the fluff of ordinary popcorn.

            As of now, there are only two flavors of Halfpops, but it looks like a new flavor will be coming

out soon! Vote here for the flavor you want to see- I voted for kettle corn! The two existing flavors are

natural butter & pure ocean sea salt, and natural aged white cheddar. The butter/salt flavor has only four

simple all-natural ingredients: popcorn, canola oil, butter, and sea salt. The cheddar flavor (my current

favorite) has popcorn, canola oil, cheddar cheese, whey, dry buttermilk, and sea salt. I'm trying to eat

only foods that have a simple, comprehensive ingredient list so this snack is going to be perfect for long

study sessions or staying in with friends for a movie night. And at only 130 calories for a sizable bag,

you can rest assured that you are snacking smart!

The Verdict

Gluten Free-er's Opinion (mine): Amazing! I love the fact that this snack is all natural, a good source of

fiber, and of course, free of gluten! I will most definitely be purchasing more bags of Halfpops in the


Non Gluten Free-er's Opinion (my roommate): "I love them! They are very delicious with that great

crunchy texture!"

Two Thumbs Up!



Patty Bourne said...

Add one more "thumbs up" for this tasty snack from a celiac's mom. Yummy is right!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the review! We're glad you like them.
-Sohroosh, HALFPOPS

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