Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let's Get Physical.

While this blog is not necessarily a fitness blog, I would consider it to be a health blog. After all, isn't that why we're eating gluten free? To be healthy? It's for this reason that I'll be writing the occasional fitness/health related post. Maybe once a week. Fitness Fridays, anyone? 

About a year ago, I wasn't able to run a mile. Last night, I ran 5 miles. I credit my newfound ability to run long and far (at least according to me) entirely to my diagnosis with Celiac Disease. No matter how "healthy" I would try to eat in the past, the gluten in my foods was wearing me down: making me tired, unmotivated, malnourished, and just not good. Now that I'm finally eating foods that are actually nourishing my body, I feel myself becoming stronger every day. It makes me wonder why so many disease-free/naturally healthy people don't take advantage of all the magnificent things our bodies can do! Being sick for so long has made me appreciate and respect my body much more than I ever have. Has anyone else felt this way since going gluten free?

Sooooooo... how is this related to living gluten free in college?

If you're going to a university, there is a good chance that there's a gym at your school that you'll get free membership to as a student. Take advantage of this. Keep in mind that most gym memberships cost anywhere in between $20/month to $80/month which can really add up! Milk this free unlimited access for all it's worth and you won't regret it! 

As students, we spend a large amount of time abusing our bodies in one way or another; sitting hunched over homework for hours at the library, staying up obscenely late, potentially drinking past a normal amount, eating too much/too little, you get the idea. Between all this and the stress that comes with school, it is vital to make time for yourself to move your body. Whether it's for 20 minutes or 2 hours, you will feel 10 times better physically and mentally, guaranteed! 

I'll be posting more posts like this in the weeks to come, so stay tuned to some advice/tips regarding healthy snacking, decoding the gym, how to fit fitness into a busy schedule, and more! 


Patty Bourne said...

Excellent!! Your PE teaching/aerobic dancing/fitness guru grandmother would be incredibly proud of you... It's a brand new life, isn't it? Now you know what your dad and I have been talking about for the past 19 years, eh?

Staci said...

I just stumbled upon your blog - love it! College is in the past for me, but I must say I am able to run further and stronger than I was before my diag in October. I also find that the recovery is glorious! I no longer land right on my couch after a tough workout - ;)

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